Guarantee / standby letter of credit

Service Summary

Guarantee/standby letter of creditrefers to customer (applicant) requires a written promise to open the external file with the nature of guarantee. Once the applicant fails to the beneficiary and signed a contract to repay the debt or to fulfill a contractual obligation, the bank performance guarantee responsibility. The types of letter of guarantee including tender guarantee, performance guarantee and advance payment guarantee, etc.

Sevice Features

Solve the problem of mutual distrust between the two sides of the transaction. Banks rely on their own good reputation of the intervention of the transaction as a guarantor, to provide security for the parties to promote the smooth implementation of the transaction.

Ensure the normal performance of the contract and the quality of the contract subject matter.

Avoid and reduce the frequent occurrence of the event of default under the contract, to avoid the trouble of litigation or arbitration to resolve disputes and expenses expenses.

Adaptive Object

The applicant is authorized by the relevant state departments, has the right to operate foreign business, with the performance of the contract capacity and the ability to repay foreign enterprises.

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